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Breast Feeding Videos

These breast feeding videos will help you and your baby to have the best possible nursing experience.

Watch these breast feeding videos to learn how to latch baby on properly to avoid pain and ensure baby gets plenty of milk.

Dr. Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC and Edith Kernerman, IBCLC, RLC show you:

  • How to latch your baby on to avoid pain.
  • How to know your baby is getting enough.
  • The best way to hold your baby while nursing.
  • How to use a lactation aid.
  • What compressions are, and how to use them.

Learning some key techniques before you begin to breast feed can help you have a successful breastfeeding experience. These breast feeding videos can help!

Please turn the sound up on your computer. Click on the pictures below to see videos.

Breast Feeding Video Clips - First Latch

First Latch

How to achieve the "asymmetrical" latch. Shows some drinking by the baby (see Third Latch for more obvious drinking), some nibbling.

Breast Feeding Video Clips - Second Latch

Second Latch

Baby is mostly nibbling at the breast. Compression is being used to get the baby to drink more. Another "asymmetric" latch is shown. Note that after re-latching the baby drinks better than before, and compression is not necessary to get the baby to drink.

Breast Feeding Video Clips - Third Latch

Third Latch

Shows baby latching on with "asymmetric" latch. Then later, video shows the baby getting milk. The pause in the chin tells us when the baby is getting milk and the absence of the pause means the baby is not getting milk. The pause can be seen even on the very first day of life, though obviously not as obviously, as the more milk the baby gets, the longer the pause. The pause does not represent swallowing, but rather the baby's mouth filling up with milk.

Breast Feeding Video Clip - Poor Latch

Poor Latch / Good Latch

When the baby latches on over the nipple, he gets very little milk. When the baby latches on properly, he gets more milk. It's as simple as that. (The picture to the left is a poor latch because the lower lip is tucked in.) If your baby latches on like this, take her off, and latch her on properly.

Breast Feeding Video Clips - Poor Latch Colostrum

Poor Latch / Good Latch 2

Even in the first few days, before the milk 'comes in', a good latch is important so that the baby gets the colostrum. There is enough colostrum in the first few days, if the baby gets it. He needs a good latch in order to get it. Note that a pump does not work in the same as the baby, so that if you cannot pump colostrum easily, it doesn't mean you don't have any milk. Often it is easier to express colostrum by hand than by pump.

Breast Feeding Video Clips - Pause in chin

Pause in Chin

Shows baby drinking from the breast. Edith Kernerman is explaining the pause in the chin - which is a mouth full of milk. This clip shows an adoptive baby getting breastmilk and supplement from a lactation aid.

Breast Feeding Video Clips - Pause in chin 2 Continued from first clip.

Need a Nursing Bra?

What type of bra are you looking for?

Click here to go the 2nd Page of Breast Feeding Instructional Videos
from Page 1 of Breast Feeding Videos

I wish you all the best with your new baby. As a mom who had many breastfeeding problems with my first baby, I understand how important it is to get that latch right. These breast feeding videos show you how.

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