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C Section Video
Elective C Section vs. Natural Childbirth

C Section Video - Today, more women are electing to have an elective c section than ever before...and yet many who are contemplating this are also wanting to educate themselves about the benefits and drawbacks of both c-section and natural childbirth.

When choosing between an elective c-section and natural birth, there are many factors to consider. One of the biggest would be what exactly is meant by "natural childbirth". If "natural childbirth" refers only to a vaginal vs. abdominal delivery there are quite a number of physical benefits to a vaginal delivery. If comparing a "drug-free" delivery to c-section with anesthesia, there is another significant list. However none of the benefits of a natural delivery (regardless of which type) outweigh a c section when there is a genuine medical concern. Scroll down to see a c section video.

When considering an elective c section or vaginal birth, there are a number of reasons to have a vaginal delivery.

Vaginal childbirth is not major surgery whereas a c section is. (You can see a c section video below - major surgery). A c section requires a large incision through the skin, muscle tissue and all three layers of the uterus. Recovery from major surgery makes caring for your baby more difficult and mom is in more pain and discomfort afterwards. With a vaginal delivery usually the "worst" mom has is stitches and swollen vaginal tissue, but it is self-limiting and the vaginal area (like your mouth) heals quickly.

I had no tearing or stitches at all with 2 of my babies, and those were water births. Water relaxes the tissues nicely.

It is dangerous to have more than 3-5 c sections. If a mother anticipates having another baby after this one, she may be limiting her future choices (VBAC is not an option everywhere anymore) and, if elective, may actually be limiting her family size. Along the same line, with a subsequent pregnancy there is the risk of the placenta attaching to the scar tissue from the incision possibly causing placenta accreta which requires surgical removal of the placenta and depending on the severity may necessitate a hysterectomy. Also, there have been concerns with the integrity of the uterus for delivery. (I don't personally put much weight in that particular arguement, but a pitocin induction after a c-section is definately a bad idea).

The scar itself can be a significant concern. Most times the visual aspect is insignificant (due to location and size, it isn't very noticeable), however the internal aspect has several parts to consider. There is (as with any surgery) a risk of scar tissue/adhesions forming that coud fuse organs and/or tissues together causing anything from mild "pulling" sensations to significant pain (and subsequent additional surgery to correct the adhesions).

Breastfeeding can be impacted negatively by a c-section due to increased soreness/discomfort to the abdomen making it difficult to hold the baby without significant pain. Newborns wiggle and squirm and this is very unpleasant on a very tender tummy.

At least one in four women will have a c section and I hate to make them sound so awful. Yet, I would definitely discourage an elective c section, especially if mom has not had a c section in the past.

Here are three videos for you to watch. They are graphic in that they show actual births, and the first one, a c section video, is surgery, so I just want you to be prepared for that.

The first one is a c section video of twins. Most twins can be delivered naturally, but I'm sure there are times when a medical emergency or serious medical concern would warrant one.

The second is an unassisted home birth. I feel it's wise to have a skilled midwife or doctor in attendance at a birth, and I had midwives attend all 5 of my births, but some women feel strongly that they want to birth their babies without assistance.

The reason I chose this video is because it shows a totally natural birth, with no pain medication.

The third video is a hospital birth. I have a feeling this mom probably had some kind of pain killer, but it will give you a good idea of what a typical hospital birth is like. I attended my sister's hospital birth, and it was very similar to this one.

I hope all of this information helps you to make the best decision for you and your family.

Kirstyn SierraMother of 5

C-Section Video - Twins Birth

Totally Natural Unassisted Childbirth

Hospital Birth

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