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Help for Women with Morning Sickness
by Wendy Shaw, Mother of 7

Wendy Shaw Picture

With my very first pregnancy I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum. The medical definition: Excessive vomiting in pregnancy. Hyper means "over"; emesis "vomiting"; gravidarum "pregnant state."

My definition: Excessive, Severe, Extreme, Exhausting, Constant, Continuous, Life Changing nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

Iíve had severe morning sickness with all seven of my healthy children. And with one that died at three months prenatal.

Throwing up throughout the morning into the afternoon and throughout the evening was exhausting and I was admitted to the hospital several times for dehydration. I was hungry but not able to eat, thirsty but unable to drink and so miserable from nausea at one time I cried out to God that it would be better for me to not live. Iím glad He didnít say yes to that prayer!

When I got married, in 1992, I didnít know I would end up having a big family, and I didnít know ANYTHING about morning sickness. Despite the misery and challenges each pregnancy brings, every time I see the blessing of each precious child being born all my suffering is momentarily forgotten enough where I can say ďletís do it again.Ē

I donít like labor and morning sickness is 10 times worse, but for the rest of my life, I experience infinitely greater rewards and joy from being around my children. I have no regrets thinkingÖ ďWho did I miss knowingÖ.if I had only suffered once more?Ē

During the last few pregnancies, I have been blessed to have some godly women look after me. This hasnít always been the case. When I was pregnant for the first time, we moved to a small town where I didnít know anyone. It was during this time I started formulating a ďHow To HelpĒ list. Iíve added to it over the years as Iíve experienced different situations and received encouragement from helpful friends who have ministered to me in different ways. Here are a few things I have learned:


1. Help with the duties and responsibilities that she is unable to do. Offer to do specific jobs that would help her, or her family. Meals for her family, laundry, dishes, childcare or clean the bathroom.

2. Give her a card of encouragement. A small token of kindness can go a long way to encourage her.

3. If talking with someone is a good distraction for her, call or visit her often. The days and nights go by very slowly.

4. Send flowers or something pretty to look at. Beautiful things can be uplifting to see, especially if she is grounded to one part of the house for most of the day.

5. Read to her. Write her a poem. Sing, if she wants you to. Itís nice for her to know that she is remembered, as she feels the world going on without her.

6. Be aware. Her nose is extremely sensitive. Don't come near her if you have the slightest scent of cologne, aftershave, perfume, fabric softener, smoke, etc.on you.

7. Use encouraging words and tender comments. Pray with her.This can be an emotionally trying experience and all conversations need to be optimistic and focus on the positive.

8. Humor can be a welcome addition to her day. A funny book, movie, or even yourself (can you tell a joke?) may bring a smile. Making her laugh can be a much needed and great relief.

9. Be supportive. Even though you cannot truly relate, it's real and miserable. Try to understand how she feels! Let her cry.

10. 10. Change her bedding, towels, throw-up bowl. I know it may be gross! But...if you want to know how to help!

For more information on morning sickness, please visit Wendy's website at www.MyMorningSickness.com

Wendy Shaw Family Picture 2007 Kevin and Wendy Shaw are blessed with seven children, Chase (13), Holly (11), Macy (9), Justus (6), Elley (4), Amy, (2) and
Lilly (7 mos.)

Shaw Baby Picture

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