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Kirstyn Sierra
Mother, Author, Pregnancy Consultant

Kirstyn SierraMy name is Kirstyn Sierra, and I am a mother of five wonderful children, and a wife of 26 years to my husband.

I've been encouraging and empowering women more than 25 years, coaching them on how to get pregnant faster, and educating them about pregnancy, birth choices, newborn care, and how to care for themselves after the baby arrives.

I've created BirthBabyAndMom.com to help you make the sometimes overwhelming transition into motherhood. This site is my way of sharing my passion about birth, babies and all things ďmotheringĒ with you.

To help you get to know more about me, I've written this page with a little information about my background.

When I was young, I loved working with infants. From baby sitting, to working in church nurseries, I found myself working with babies every opportunity I had.

At the tender age of 20, I married my high school sweetheart. Soon after we married, I became the nursery director at church.

At the age of 23, I was offered a position as Office Manager at a prestigious Christian Preschool. I managed the office, but also interacted with the children every day.

While working full time at the preschool, I babysat on evenings and weekends. One of my favorite babysitting jobs was on Saturdays when I cared for a baby in our home. Somehow, caring for babies helped to pacify that deep desire to have children during a time when I couldn't have any of my own.

I worked at the preschool for nearly 6 years, until I had our first child. 19 months later, at the age of 30, I had our second child, and at the same time, started a Child Care Information and Referral Service.

I later became a State Licensed Child Care Provider, and cared for newborns and infants in my home for about 6 years. All of my previous experience caring for babies really paid off. From helping a breastfeeding newborn to take a bottle while mom was at work, to helping a one year old transition from home to day care, I had the skills needed.

A few years later, our 3rd child was born. This was the perfect time to stop day care, as our oldest was 6, and we were beginning to homeschool.

When we decided to try for our 4th child, I didnít conceive quickly. I was in my mid 30ís and the hormones that regulate fertility were low. That's when I started doing more research on fertility and infertility. For a year or more I did the whole "trying to conceive" thing, and after a year of trying, I conceived. I had our 4th child when I was 37.

Three years after that, a month shy of my 41st birthday, I gave birth to our 5th child. All were homebirths, and the last two were waterbirths.

As I continue to build this site, I will share with you all Iíve learned during the past 30 years of working with moms and children.

Grab a comfy chair, and your favorite beverage. Take my hand and I'll walk you through your own journey into motherhood, as you read about my experiences, as a mother of five.

Kirstyn Sierra Signature

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